Welcome to Our Revolution

Welcome to Our Revolution Metro Denver, the official Our Revolution affiliate chapter for the greater Denver area.

To become a member of Our Revolution, simply make a donation of any amount or attend any Our Revolution meeting or event.

ORMD seeks to further the causes of social, racial, economic, and environmental justice by advancing Our Revolution’s national principles and platforms in our local community.


ORMD is pleased to announce the endorsement of strong progressive candidates running in the upcoming 2022 elections. Note that ORMD does not evaluate every candidate and a lack of endorsement does not imply a negative evaluation

Our candidates embody the values of Our Revolution Metro Denver, particularly when it comes to issues of economic, social and racial justice. They all have strong community support and fully embrace the importance of leading with community-based solutions rather than corporate-based solutions.

Please support our endorsed candidates by voting, donating, and/or volunteering.

2022 Endorsements are here.

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