Candidate Endorsements

ORMD is pleased to announce endorsements for the 2022 Democratic Primary. Following research and interviews, the ORMD Council voted to endorse  four strong progressive candidates (see below).

Other endorsements may follow. If you would like to participate in the endorsement process or campaigning, email us, at

Elisabeth Epps
State House District 6

Elisabeth advocates for replacing the police with alternative approaches to public safety. In addition she champions  investment in mental health care, harm reduction, smart drug policy, public schools, clean air and safe water. Despite financial and family challenges, Elisabeth was able to put herself through college and law school. Currently, she is founder and executive director of The Colorado Freedom Fund, which works to increase community safety and end wealth-based detention in Colorado. Learn more about Elisabeth  and her campaign at:

Jena Griswold
Colorado Secretary of State

Elected as Secretary of State in 2018, Jena will continue to prioritize election security, expand access to elections and fight dark money and corruption.  After receiving her JD from Penn, she practiced international anti-corruption law, and worked as a voter protection attorney for President Obama. Learn more about Jena and her campaign

Javier Mabrey
State House District 1

Javier will fight for economic justice, housing affordability, renter’s rights, and criminal justice reform. After putting himself through college, he began his career as a community organizer. Following law school in 2019, Javier started an eviction defense non-profit legal aid group that represents tenants in Denver and advocates for affordable housing and tenants’ rights. He has also organized public pressure campaigns to advocate for immigration reform and more funding for Colorado schools. Learn more about Javier and his campaign at:

Johnnie Nguyen
CU Board of Regents, CD1

As a first-generation American, Johnnie grew up with hard-working parents and experienced racism and the challenges of  under-funded schools. In law school, he served as National Chair of the American Bar Association’s (“ABA”) Law Student Division. After that, he was elected to the ABA’s Board of Directors (Governors), where he successfully advocated for progressive policies. Johnnie is a CU alumna, who has contributed extensively to the University. He has worked in both state and federal government. If elected, Johnnie will be Colorado’s first openly-gay Regent and Colorado’s first Vietnamese elected official. Learn more about Johnnie and his campaign at:

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