Ballot Measure Endorsements

ORMD endorses positions on ballot initiatives that either move a progressive agenda forward or block initiatives harmful to the interests of the majority or marginalized groups. Please take the time to understand ballot initiatives before voting. Where we do not make a recommendation, it is generally because there are complex issues and multiple viewpoints, such that we did not have sufficient votes one way or the other, or we didn’t have resources to consider.


Amendment 78 Transfers the power to appropriate custodial funds (state revenue not generated through taxes) from the state treasurer to the state legislatureNo
Proposition 119Creates an out-of-school education program and a board to govern it and increases the marijuana retail sales tax by 5% to partially fund the programNo
Proposition 120Reduces the residential and non-residential property tax rates; authorizes the state to retain and spend $25 million in revenue above the state’s TABOR spending cap, which it would otherwise be required to refund to taxpayNo
Descriptions provided by Ballotpedia

Having lost control of the legislature, Republicans are funding campaigns to pass the above ballot initiatives in order to circumvent the will of the majority.

While the objectives may sound desirable, all three initiatives will harm working families and/or harm the ability of government to provide effective and efficient services.


Referred Question 2F i Repeals the group living amendment which passed earlier this year and had increased the number of unrelated adults who can live together.No
Referred Question 2G Allows a Citizen Oversight board to appoint Denver’s Independent Monitor with approval of the City Council instead of Denver’s Mayor.Yes
Initiated Ordinance 301Requires voter approval for commercial or residential development on city park lands or lands under a conservation easement.Yes
Initiated Ordinance 302Requires voter approval for residential or commercial construction on city park property or property protected by a conservation easement and amending the definition of conservation easement to apply only to those that have been approved by the Division of Conservation and that have received an income tax credit certificate, a definition that exempts the Park Hill Golf Course from the requirements.No
Initiated Ordinance 303Requires enforcement of Denver’s camping ban within three days with no exceptions for federal constitutional court orders requiring seven-day notice.No
Initiated Ordinance 304Cuts Denver’s combined sales and use tax rate to 4.5%, down from 4.81%. No

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