Endorsed Positions on Denver Measures 2021

  •  Referred Question 2F VOTE NO
    • What It Is: Denver City Council approved new group-living rules for the city in February allowing up to five unrelated people to live in a single home. 2F seeks to repeal the council’s decision.
    • Why Vote NO: 2F is completely funded by dark money via a right-wing PAC. The referendum would exacerbate the affordable housing crisis in Denver and take away the option for hard-working nurses, teachers and others to share their housing costs. This would also limit capacity of the existing shelters and make it difficult to build new facilities.
  • ·Referred Question 2G VOTE YES
    • What It Is: The Office of the Independent Monitor oversees all disciplinary investigations into Denver’s police and sheriff’s departments. The position is currently appointed by the mayor, but this measure would instead put that appointment in the hands of the volunteer Citizen Oversight Board with confirmation by City Council.
    • Why Vote YES: Agencies that ensure accountability are too often beholden to the very people they are supposed to oversee. 2G helps increase the autonomy of the Office of the Independent Monitor, reinforcing public trust in law enforcement and bolstering the integrity of the OIM’s investigations.
  • Initiated Ordinance 301 Vote YES
    • What It Is: 301 is the “Green versus Concrete” ballot initiative.  This citizen-initiated measure will protect our parks and open spaces from unchecked development by requiring Denver voter approval before real estate development can occur on designated park land and land protected by a City-owned conservation easement. 
    • Why Vote YES: Denver’s park land and green open space have not kept up with its dramatic population growth. “Parks, recreation, and the urban forest are vital infrastructure to our city’s health.  Trees and vegetation in our parks…help clean the air we breathe and provide shade that decreases the cooling load on our energy infrastructure during our hot months.”  [Denver Parks and Recreation Game Plan for a Healthy City]
  • Initiated Ordinance 302 Vote NO
    • What It Is:302 is financed and sponsored by a real estate developer who wants to tear up an existing perpetual conservation easement so that it can build mixed-use development on one of the last large pieces of open space that could be acquired for a Denver regional park, the 155-acre Park Hill Golf Course (PHGC) land.  Today, this land is protected from development by a City-owned conservation easement.
    • Why Vote NO: The developer has launched this misleading and deliberately confusing ballot initiative for the sole purpose of undermining 301. 302 appears to be a “protect parks” measure by copying the exact language of Initiated Ordinance 301, but it sneaks in a poison pill that redefines the term “conservation easement” under Denver law to exclude the PHGC land conservation easement. This maneuver would eliminate the voter protections of Ordinance 301 for the PHGC land and support the developer’s plans to smother most of this pristine green open space with concrete for its sole profit.
  • Initiated Ordinance 303 Vote NO
    • What It Is: 303, proposed by the Denver Republican party is a measure that would require enforcement of Denver’s camping ban within three days with no exceptions for federal constitutional court orders requiring seven-day notice.
    • Why Vote NO: 303 is funded by the same dark money behind 2F. It reduces the amount of time given to those experiencing homeless to find new shelter and subjects them to more policing and criminalization. It also creates a vigilante justice structure that allows anyone to sue the city for any encampment, forcing the city to choose between violating federal court orders or the initiative — leading to taxpayer liability for damages either way. It’s language to create up to four city-camps is misleading because the city has already set up Safe Outdoor Spaces and plans for more without needing 303 to do that.
  • Initiated Ordinance 304 Vote NO
    • What It Is: 304 is another Denver Republican party proposal, which cuts Denver’s combined sales and use tax rate to 4.5%, down from 4.81%. 
    • Why Vote NO: 304 was also put on the ballot by the Denver Republican party and funded by the same dark money special interest group. Its passage would harm Denver’s ability to fund road repairs, park maintenance, affordable housing and fire protection by forcing $80 million in cuts every year. It is also anti-democratic by forcing cuts to dedicated programs for homelessness, mental health, preschool and college affordability – all of which were previously approved by Denver voters.

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