Bernie has suspended his campaign but will still be taking his elected delegates to the DNC Convention to have a strong voice on his policies and platform.

I would be honored to be a representative from Colorado to respectfully carry that message.

Why me?

The time and energy I have dedicated to Bernie and his ideals for the past 5 years, as well as my activism for “Those I Don’t Know,” for many, many years, serve as a testimony of my commitment to fully represent Colorado at the DNC.

I have a track record of extensive volunteering for other progressive candidates, ballot initiatives and actions. I will be an effective delegate with a strong voice for the progressive policies that Bernie has espoused, and I pledge to exercise sound judgment. I have never stopped “working” for Bernie since 2015, and I commit to continue to be actively involved in
the “Political Revolution” that Bernie launched.

My Pledge to You, I will:
• Treat all the people I encounter on this journey with the utmost respect, regardless of their political choices.
•Commit, as a volunteer, to engage others to be involved in our democracy.
• Use all of my skills and experience to bring strength to the Convention and to continue to fight for the values and policies of Bernie. I am in it for the long run.

Leadership and Experience:

I have over 45 years of experience in the area of service and
education including: High school science teacher; social worker; senior level addiction counselor; current consultant for HUD Housing Authorities for low income housing, and grandmother of 5!

Bernie Volunteer Track Record


Bernie2020 National Team since June 2019; volunteer 10-20 hours weekly on Advanced Call Team and as a Bernie Victory Captain; thousands of calls and texting; knocked on hundreds of doors; hosted many Bernie phone banks and canvasses;organized 20 volunteers for our travel to Iowa to canvass for Bernie; selected by the campaign as a member of the Bernie2020 Steering Committee for Colorado.

Bernie Sanders Campaign 2016

Bernie sanders National Delegate, Canvassed in Iowa, CA, IL; Bernie Training Captain; National Bernie Call Monitor; ran numerous canvasses and phone banks,canvassed hundreds of doors and made thousands of calls.


Founder of Our Revolution Metro Denver; Dem. Precinct Captain; Dems State Central Committee; CO Progressive Dems Initiative Board; DSA; Colorado Cares Advocate; delivered supplies to Standing Rock; on the frontlines of climate change protests, support of Medicare, and immigration reform.